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Ronald S. Perlman MD

5215 Loughboro Road NW Suite 520
Washington DC 20016 USA


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Cosmetic and Laser

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Drronaldperlman Reviews | Avg. Rating : 5 out of 5, based on 18 reviews.

Meghan - reviewed 2 years ago

Dr. Perlman made me feel totally comfortable and is down to earth. Not pushy at all and was super excited about the work he was doing on me, which made me even more excited and made me feel at ease. My recovery went as smoothly as I think it could have and I have experience with previous major surgeries to compare with. I'm 100% happy with my results as well and have no regrets whatsoever! I'll definitely be recommending him to all of my friends, family, and pretty much anyone else who mentions considering plastic surgery.

Jacqueline - reviewed 2 years ago

Dr Perlman and his staff are both very professional and personable. Following Dr. Perlman's recommendation of Botox within minutes ten years taken off my face. Many people see me and tell me I look younger but obviously don't know why. I would highly recommend Dr.Perlman to anyone considering plastic surgery. Dr. Perlman has the patient's best interest at heart in all areas.

Marion - reviewed 2 years ago

I am thrilled with my liposuction results. Also had Botox, Juvederm and Belotero. I can't wait to try the new Reaction treatment for skin tightening, the results look fantastic!

NG - reviewed 2 years ago

Dr.Perlman is one of the best plastic surgeon in the DMV. He is definately a very talented Dr. He has worked on my sister,cousins and friends. We are very pleased and satisfy with he's work! The staff is very Helpfull and friendly. Overall I would recommend Dr. P!!

Raven - reviewed 2 years ago

Dr. Perlman is the best. I am so happy w/ his work and I am African American and in our culture we can keloid. I also was afraid of scarring. Dr. Perlman took very good care of me w/ no keloids and you hardly see where he made the incision. He is also very thorough w/ all the check ups even after surgery. His staff is very nice. I would recommend him to anyone.

Jessie - reviewed 2 years ago

The experience I had with. Doctor Ronalld Perlman and his staff showed the best of medical expertise, I am actually quite pleased with the outcome of the facial surgery, again I Jessie Harrison have no complaints about the care I received,

Jennifer - reviewed 2 years ago

Dr. Perlman is a life changer. His work is so natural and beautiful and it has instilled self confidence in me that I never had before. His staff is caring and professional with amazing client follow up and service. I would highly recommend anyone considering plastic surgery to see Dr. Perlman - you won't want to go anywhere else! I have, and will continue to, send all of my friends and family to see Dr. Perlman.

shari - reviewed 3 years ago

Dr. Perlman has saved me more than once. I have had some bad luck on the west coast. Dr. Perlman is so gifted, that luckily he was able to fix what other doctors have not been able to do. My nose and breasts now look fantastic. I am forever grateful. I think it is much more difficult to fix other's mistakes, and this doctor can do anything! I think it is also such a positive that surgery takes place in such a great hospital. Thanks for everything Dr. Perlman and your wonderful staff.

Kelleigh - reviewed 3 years ago

Dr. Perlman did liposuction on my neck and it looks great. Very impressed with how a small operation can make such a big improvement. The office stagg is GREAT too. Best surgeon for sure.

Doc W - reviewed 3 years ago

Dr. Perlman has done a face lift on me (15 years ago) which still looks great. I recently received some botox and filler, which really enhanced his work. I'm planning on a mini lift in September. I can't say enough great things about Dr. Perlman. A gifted surgeon, a real artist and a quality person. His work separates from the rest. His staff make life easy and they take such good care of you, you won't want to leave. They are all the absolute best!

Clair - reviewed 3 years ago

I'm so happy with the services and procedures I have received by Dr. Perlman. The results always look so natural!

Mandaw - reviewed 3 years ago

Dr.Perlman gave me my nose job and liposuction almost a year ago. Couldn't be happier with the results. I would go back to Dr.Perlman in a heartbeat.

Rockwithmebaby - reviewed 3 years ago

15 days ago I decicided to get a tt with dr. Perlman. I've been wanting this for about 2 years after my son and my body totally went down hill when I had him. Although I love my son I still wanted to be a hot single mother that feels great about myself. I struggled with wearing spanx and garments everyday for 2 years to hide my unwanted fat and ugly sponge bob shape. I worked out in the gym and honestly nothing helped. I had scratched skin and so much back fat it was depressing. So that was it for me. I have a twin sister who had her tt done by the same doctor and she looks fabulous! I was there when she went thur it all. I'm not going to sit up here and say to you that it's an easy surgery and right after your going to feel like getting into a swimsuit and pack a bag to Miami right after because your not. But I will say everyone heals differently and although me and my sister are identical twins we healed completely different, everyone's journey is their own. To sum this review up this doctor hands down is the best at what he does. He's a perfectionist and he actually cares, he listens to your concerns. He understands and his bed side manners are wonderful and with knowing that I trusted him with my life and my body. He has changed my life for the rest of my life and i am forever thankful. To look at my transformation and to know that it's going to get better it bring tears to my eyes. Remember that with anything you do with altering your body you must be healthy inside and he will take concern in that and that's only because he cares and its whats best for you. So if there is anything you need to change now to better yourself to get ready for such an amazing doctor than do so and I promise you'll thank me later because it's absolutely worth it. God bless and I hope this helps in finding your MR. RIGHT (meaning the RIGHT SKILLED PS) .

Rona self - reviewed 3 years ago

I had a breast augmentation 2 months ago and it looks so natural and is the perfect size! Can't wait to get new bathing suits! Thanks Dr. Perlman. You are the best!

Ronie - reviewed 3 years ago

I came all the way from Florida for your expertise.  Thank you for teh guidance and the follow up throughout my procedure.  You have a true talent and art for making me fell beautiful. Randy and I appreciate your generousity.  Thank you for my new face!

Mazda - reviewed 3 years ago

I just wanted to say "Thank you" from the bottom of a grateful and thankful heart

Alessandra - reviewed 3 years ago

What a fun anniversary party!  Everyone had a good time and we all feel like we know each other better.  I love my cheeks...too beautiful!  I continue to sing your praises where ever I go.  Hope some ladies get the message and seek you out. 

Kelly - reviewed 3 years ago

I just wanted to truly thank you for making my surgery experience such a good one.  I feel better and look better than I have in a long time.  My fantastic results have motivated me to keep my body this way and to live a healthier lifstyle.  Thank you so much for everything, I couldn't be happier.